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Why do showers leak?

It’s an unfortunate fact but leaking shower recesses are among the most common building defects in Australia. This has never been unusual in units, apartments and houses more than 15 or 20 years old, but more and more we are finding leaking showers in homes that are less than 10 years old. This really shouldn’t be the case with modern materials, sealants and waterproofing practices.

So, what’s the likely cause of your shower leak?

If your bathroom is musty and damp, or as very common, if there is a leak through a wall adjoining the bathroom, what is the most likely cause of the problem?

There are a number of issues that can result in what can prove to be a very expensive shower repair if it is not addressed in a timely way. Some of these can go back to the way the shower was originally constructed and others are due to building movement or other factors. Such as:

  • Poorly grouted tiles, while grout and silicone is not part of the waterproofing of your shower. If tiles are badly grouted this can allow why does my shower leakwater to reach the waterproof membrane under the tiles more quickly than is usual.
  • Leaking pipework behind the wall. It is always good practice to pressure test water pipes if you find a leak in your shower.
  • No puddle flange installed under the floor waste. We are constantly surprised by the number of relatively newly constructed showers that aren’t fitted with a puddle flange. A puddle flange is vital and stops water travelling back under the tiles from the waste.
  • Cut edges of tiles exposed in shower. Cut edges of tiles are not waterproof and when exposed to water these tiles can quickly become waterlogged.
  • Waterproofing membrane improperly installed or compromised due to building movement or other damage. The waterproof membrane is the most important part of your shower and it is the only element that keeps water where it should be, in the shower recess. When this is poorly laid or compromised water is free to gradually flow into the frame of the house.
  • Structural movement of the building. Such movement can cause the waterproof membrane to fail and tiles to crack. Cracked tiles are a sure sign that the building has settled.

These and the many other reasons for a water leak in your shower recess generally point to either poor workmanship or failure to adhere to good building practice.

If you have a leaking shower, whats the next step?

Repairing leaking showers is an expert job and not really a DIY project. If your shower is leaking and the building is still covered by the QBCC statutory warrant the first call you should make is to the builder. If not, a plumber should determine if there is a leaking pipe or tap. If the plumber gives your plumbing a clean bill of health then it’s time to call the experts in shower repairs.

The Shower Dr – the leaking shower experts

The Shower Dr can repair most leaking showers without costly tile removal. Our fully trained technicians will replace all failing and mouldy, grout, silicone and sealants with industry leading Mapei Epoxy Grouts and Sealants. These state of the art products enable us to reseal and waterproof leaking showers in just a day with the minimum of fuss. The Shower Dr provides cost effective, permanent and guaranteed shower repairs to families all over South East Queensland.

Call The Shower Dr on 07 3274 2843, we’ll fix your shower in a day and guarantee it for ten years.

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