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Bathroom Makeovers

We all know that bathroom renovations can be costly and involve significant building work and many different trades but now there’s an alternative with The Shower Dr Bathroom Rejuvenation / Makeover service.

The chances are that your bathroom can be brought back to life quickly and cost effectively by the Shower Dr. Our trained bathroom makeover technicians can achieve amazing results and make your bathroom look and feel as if it were built yesterday.

How do we achieve such great bathroom makeovers?

The preparation

To ensure a Shower Dr bathroom makeover will last as long as your bathroom, proper preparation of all surfaces is essential. This ensures that your bathroom stays clean and bacteria and mould free.

  • We first remove all of the mouldy and peeling silicone and sealants from the bathroom perimeters, the bathtub, the vanity and the shower screen
  • Next we remove the shower screen and set it aside if it’s to be refitted. If you’ve decided on a new screen we’ll dispose of the old one for you.
  • Using specialised tools we’ll remove all of the mouldy and stained grout from between the tiles in your shower walls and floor.
  • The next step in a bathroom makeover is to chemical clean the entire work area to ensure that any mould spores are killed off ensuring that there can be no re-growth behind the new grout.


The makeover

When the bathroom has been properly prepared our bathroom makeover technicians will re-grout the entire floor and perimeter of the shower with Mapei Kerapoxy epoxy grout. Mapei recognised as industry leaders in the manufacture of epoxy grouts and sealants. The Kerapoxy we use in your shower has been specifically designed for wet area sealing, it is 100% waterproof and will not crack, get mouldy or deteriorate. It is easy to clean and its colour won’t fade.

We’ll then completely re-grout the walls with Mapei Ultracolor polymer grout which is smooth, mould-resistant and easy to clean. Using these products will permanently seal your bathroom and they carry Mapei’s 10 year warranty.

  • If you haven’t chosen a new screen option we’ll reinstall your existing screen and seal it with Mapei’s Mapesil silicone. Unlike ordinary silicone’s Mapesil won’t crack or peel back.
  • When the shower is completed we’ll re-silicone the entire bathroom perimeter, vanity, bath, toilet with Mapei products before.
  • If you want us to we’ll even replace cracked or damaged tiles if necessary as well as fitting new taps and a new shower rose to finish off your new look bathroom makeover.
  • The final step is a complete clean down of the bathroom so it’s immaculate and ready to use. Our experienced Shower Dr technicians have a great eye for fine details so you can be sure that your makeover will be finished to the highest possible standard.


Bathrooms makeovers and rejuvenations

The Shower Dr can makeover and rejuvenate your old tired bathroom and even help you with ideas and planning, all for a fraction of the cost, downtime and inconvenience of a full bathroom renovation. A great idea from The Shower Dr for anyone on a budget who wants to spruce up an out-of-date bathroom or ensuite and If you’re selling your house, a makeover shows your home in the best possible light to prospective buyer. No wonder real estate agents love the idea of Shower Dr Makeovers!

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