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Information, tips and hints about bathroom repairs

The biggest challenge for property managers

When property managers are asked what the most difficult part of their work is, they almost invariably reply “maintenance and repairs”. Their greatest challenge is keeping both tenant and property owner happy when repairs and maintenance have to organised, managed and undertaken.

A recent Choice Magazine survey found that 51% of Australians who rent are in homes that need repairs and 79% of these repairs have to do with bathrooms with leaking showers being one of the most common defects. Providing the level of service that tenants and landlords expect when faced with such statistics puts a strain on property managers, their staff and departments.

The difficulties faced include:

  • Finding reliable and qualified trades to undertake repairs
  • Getting detailed fixed price quotes in a reasonable timeframe
  • Liaison between the builder and landlord if necessary
  • Timely completion of the repairs


A recently launched initiative by The Shower Dr addresses all of these issues and promises to simplify the process of getting bathroom repairs completed with the minimum of fuss for property managers in South East Queensland.


The Shower Dr Property Management Division

The newly formed property management division puts property managers in touch with one dedicated real estate consultation with complete responsibility for your industry.

One person, one phone number and one email address

When you call, email or contact your Shower Dr consultant about a bathroom repair our commitment to you is that:

  • you will be contacted within one working day of receipt of your work order of quote request
  • within 3 days we will visit the property and provide you with a detailed report including photographs a recommendation and a fixed priced, itemised quote
  • when the proposal is accepted we’ll begin the repairs within 7 days no matter how small or extensive the repairs are, and we won’t leave site until they are completed
  • when necessary we’ll liaise with the property owner and co-ordinate repairs with the tenant minimising disruption and freeing up your time

Simplify and de-stress your day by using the Shower Dr Property Division when you need to organise bathroom repairs or fix leaking showers. One phone number, one email address and one person to talk to.

We’re professional, fully licensed medium rise builders and specialists in all aspects of bathroom repairs and renovation. Call the Shower Dr Property Division for prompt, reliable service and guaranteed bathroom repairs.


The Shower Dr Property Division

07 3274 2843 – rentals@showerdoctors.com.au

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