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Termites; the word no-one wants to hear!


Nothing causes a home-owner more anxiety than the possibility of a termite infestation. I write from experience as my family live in a 110 year old timber home that we spent 15,000 dollars repairing after finding termites nesting in the lower level a few years ago. We discovered several termite colonies when some timber wall framing disintegrated when our son tried to hang a poster on the wall of his bedroom. Needless to say, well timber had encouraged the termites to invade our home.

When a pest inspector flags the possibility of a leaking shower they’re doing so out of due diligence because water leaks, damp timber and leaking showers attract termites. In effect they are warning the homeowner that some maintenance is required to ensure that their home remains free of termites and other pests.

A leak in the wall behind a shower can go unnoticed for weeks or even months as the shower base or wall fame becomes saturated long before a leak becomes noticeable on the surface of a wall on on the bathroom floor. By the time a leak is visible there is often enough water in the frame to attract termites which are drawn to water and damp.

While mould is expected with water damage and shower leaks, moisture problems can also bring an unexpected termite infestation.


Shower leaks and termites

Long-term leaks in the walls behind a shower and shower bases provide the perfect conditions for a termite colony to thrive. Termites seek out saturated timber a colonies can quickly spread into the frame around and under the shower base. Because termites can be particularly difficult to detect in the walls behind tiles, serious damage can occur by the time they are discovered. This can often result in the need for a complete shower rebuild which is both expensive, inconvenient and time consuming.


So what should you do if your pest inspector suggests that you may have damp in the walls behind the shower?

The first phone call should be to consult an expert in repairing, restoring and rebuilding showers, bathrooms and wet areas. Such companies specialise in detecting and repairing leaking showers often without the need to remove the existing tiles. Modern methods of repairing leaking showers make the most of epoxy grouts and sealants which can repair leaking showers cost effectively and quickly with the minimum of inconvenience. This can usually be done in just one day and reputable companies such as The Shower Dr provide comprehensive warranties, are fully licensed and employ qualified specialists to ensure that your shower leak is permanently repaired.


If your pest inspector has suggested that there is damp about your shower recess, in your bathroom of other wet area. Call The Shower Dr, we can usually repair your shower without removing tiles and reseal it effectively and permanently. We’re quick, neat, reliable, professional and we have more than 25 years experience is repairing showers just like yours.

Protect your most valuable investment from termites, call The Shower Dr, we Repair, Restore and Rebuild showers all over South East Queensland – guaranteed.

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